Double Pannier Sand Matt

va. 59.95

The anti-theft ring is a ring with a diameter of 4 cm. One can put a chain or cable lock through it to secure the bicycle with pannier to a fence, post or otherwise.

The U-bracket ensures that distance is kept between the bicycle and the bag when it is heavily loaded.

You can choose one of these two options.

  • 2 jaar garantie
  • Handgemaakt in Nederland
  • Materialen grotendeels uit EU

The Double pannier Sand Matt from Clarijs is ideal for both electric bikes and regular bikes. This double bike bag is made of PVC fabric, making it completely waterproof. The Double pannier Sand Matt also has reflectors on the front and back, making it more visible in dark or foggy weather conditions.


  • Lots of space in a double bike bag from Clarijs (40 & 46 liters!)
  • Always dry belongings! Suitable for heavy weather conditions.
  • Suitable for almost any bike (including electric bikes)
  • Clarijs only offers the highest quality materials.
  • Reflectors on the front and back!
  • The lid is equipped with rain flaps to prevent rainwater from entering.

Lots of space

The outside dimensions of the XL bag are: L 40 x W 18 x H 32 (40 liters).
The outside dimensions of the L bag are: L 35 x W 18 x H 32 (46 liters).
Since the bags are handmade, the dimensions may vary by about one centimeter.

Always dry belongings
The lid of the Sand Matt pannier is equipped with rain flaps to prevent rainwater from entering. In addition, the back and bottom of the bike bags are reinforced with strong plates made of recycled plastic.

High quality material

  • The Sand Matt pannier is made of Bisonyl PVC fabric, the same material used to coat trucks.
  • Advantages of Bisonyl are that the fabric is extremely strong, waterproof, colorfast, and resistant to extreme heat and cold.
  • The buckles of the double pannier Sand Matt are made of high-quality flexible plastic.
  • The buckles are attached to the bag with a flexible water-repellent PP strap.


  • The Clarijs Shoppers are tailor-made and fit perfectly into the double bike bags. The shopper can easily be placed in a double bike bag.
  • The XL size has an extra middle strap to pull the bag up in the middle and create extra stability under heavy loads.
  • Incisions for using bungee cords in this bag are possible but not recommended!



Matt sand

Suitable for E-bike



40 liters, 46 liters



Snelbinders toegankelijk

Yes, choose the option cuts or recess in the middle



We provide a warranty of 2 years for manufacturing errors on all Clarijs product. The statutory Dutch warranty terms are applicable to all other products.

On the window film of the cargo bike covers and all other forms of manufactory, there is only warranty when errors are reported within 48 hours.

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