Bike bag England D

This bike bag is available in the sizes XL and L.
The lid is equipped with rain flaps to prevent incoming rain.
Reflection on both the front and rear.
The XL has an extra strap around the middle to pull the bag up when fully loaded.
The back and bottom are reinforced.

The external dimensions of the XL: L 40 x W 18 x H 32.
The external dimensions of L are: L 35 x W 18 x H 32.
Because the bags are handmade, dimensions may vary about a centimeter.

The bag is made of Bisonyl PVC fabric. This fabric is actually used for the coating of trucks.
The fabric is very strong, waterproof, color proof and resistant to extreme heat and cold.
The closures are of a high quality flexible plastic, attached with a flexible PP strap to the bag.

Bike bag England D - White size XL

€ 65.25
€ 49.00

The anti theft ring is a ring with a hole of 4 cm. You can put a chain- or cable lock through it so the pannier and bike can be attached to a fence a tree or something else.