Is the bag under a lid with print also available in different colors?
Yes, in the shopping cart you can mention which color and color number you would like in the "Remarks" textbox.
Do you also ship outside the Netherlands?
Yes, we ship inside and outside of Europe. You will find the different rates in the shopping cart.
How long should my luggage carrier be?
Measure the length and width of your luggage and take a look at Measures and Models.
What is the difference between a GMG Bobike and a childseat, what pannier do I need then?
Click here (PDF) for more instructions.
How can I continue to use my holdingstraps?
You can choose the option "straps for incisions" in the menu panniers where the adjustments for luggage carriers are mentioned.
Can I protect the bag against theft?
An anti-theft ring is preventive, because you can lock the bag to the bike with the use of an anti-theft ring.
What is the delivery time?
The delivery of a pannier or bag is app. two  to four weeks. This depends on the periode of ordering, in the cycle season we are mostly out of stock.  For a custom bag or a reCYCLEd or Ferrari bag this can take up to max. 6 weeks.
How can I pay?
In the Netherlands you can pay through iDeal without any further costs. In other countries you can pay through PayPal, which brings some additional transaction costs with it. If you want to pickup the order in our store you can pay through debit card or cash. If you want to pay directly ; 

IBAN:NL63RABO0335001904 BIC/SWIFT: BIC/SWIFT: RABONL2u. ten name van F.a. Clarijs

Paypal account;


What doed the extra's mean?
extra's bike bags
Measurements and Models
  • The internal dimensions of the panniers are shown in centimeters:                          Length x depth / width x height
  • Small(S) 30 x 12 x 27
    Medium(M) 34 x 12 x 31
  • Large(L) 29 x 18 x 31
  • Extra Large(XL) 35 x 18 x 31
  • Extra Large cutout(XLU) 35 x 18 x 31
  • You can transport 8 (1.5 liter) bottles per side in a XLU of XL pannier. (16 in total)
  • You can transport 12 (1.5 liter) bottles in a L size pannier and 8 (1.5 liter) bottles in a M sized pannier
  • You can't transport (1.5 liter) bottles in a S size pannier. These panniers a suitable for child bicycles and sport bicycles
  • De one sided bags can store the half of the previous mentioned measurements.


On this drawing you can find the outside measures

  • inside bike bag
Attachment to the luggage carrier.
All double panniers can be attached easily to the carrier with 4 velcro strips. Al single panniers can be attached bij special high quality synthetic hooks.