Nihola Family

Only the Clarijs version has rear windows which can be openend. Better contact with the kids in the box and less trouble cycling against the wind!!

A Nihola canopy with 3 years guarantee. Choice out of two coulors of the best quality coated acryl (produced in Spain) or out of 18 colours p.v.c. fabric.

With this canopy is not included the stacks/frame.

Nihola Family canopy Excellent

€ 215.00
This canopy is made out of the best coated acryl, produced in Spain. The canopy is 100 % waterproof and has a very high colour fastness.

Nihola Family canopy in 18 colours

€ 199.00

Nihola Family cover Excellent Camel

€ 59.95

Nihola Family cover Excellent Grey

€ 59.95

Nihola Family box cover pvc in 18 colours

€ 195.00

Tubular frame for Nihola Family

€ 22.00