Several Repair-sets

Repair-sets for several products, for example bicycle bags, canopies, covers and many other things. Check YouTube for many more usage.

Seam Grip McNett

€ 8.95
To repair little holes and tears in flexible materials.

Tear-aid type B

€ 13.25
Transparent repair patch for pvc and vinyl. lastingly-waterproof-airtight-very elastic-doesn’t fade en doesn’t dry. The patch is 30 x 8 cm.

Saba contact 70T

€ 11.40
Pvc glue to repair big tears and holes, we provide free pvc fabric (till 0,5 M²). In remarks in the shopping cart you can tel lus which color you need.

Power Repair

€ 10.95
A lasting problem solver for almost every kind of material. It repairs all that can be swathed.