The sizes of these bags are w 34cm x d 15cm x h 36cm. The color is displayed in the following order: handle, pass and side.
The Shopper fits neatly into our L, XL and XLU panniers.
If you order a shopper with a pannier you will receive a 10% discount on the shopper. A bag with picture/logo will cost EUR 15.00 extra.
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From € 17.50
De afmeting van de XL shopper is b 34cm x d 15 cm x h 36cm. De kleur wordt aangegeven in de volgorde, hengsel, omloop, zijkant. De XL Shopper past keurig in onze Extra Large en XLU fietstassen. De afmeting van de Lshopper is b 30 cm x d 15 cm x h 36cm en past precies in de Large fietstassen.