About Clarijs

Craft and quality since 1948. Learn more about Clarijs, what is our history? How do we bring sustainability, craftsmanship and quality together to achieve an end result?

History Clarijs

Zeilmakerij Clarijs is a traditional family business founded in 1948 by the brothers Clarijs and started as a saddlery. When the demand for leather products decreased, Clarijs started to focus more on processing sailcloth and related products.
The company has passed on to the sons and grandchildren and in recent years has grown more in production work of, among other things, (bike) bags and covers for cargo bikes. Which are now sold in more than 12 countries, including Canada and the United States.

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All materials we use come from the EU.
We make everything by hand in the Netherlands and to a large extent with people from the sheltered workshop.
In recent years we have been selling more and more (bike) bags made of recycled truck cloth, production waste and other used materials.

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