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Nihola makes high-quality, compact cargo bikes. Ideal bikes for transporting lots of stuff and/or small children. Unfortunately, there is always a chance, especially in our country, that you will have to go through all kinds of weather with this cargo bike. That is something Clarijs can help you with. Clarijs has become known as a bike bag specialist. Of course, we still are. But we offer you more in the area of cycling. For Nihola cargo bikes, we have handy, high-quality accessories that will help you get more out of your bike.

Buying Nihola accessories

If you want to buy good Nihola accessories, you've come to the right place. We offer various high-quality products for your cargo bike. They help you get more out of your bike and increase its ease of use. Your Nihola cargo bike is undoubtedly an asset that you are proud of and care for. Chances are you use it every day and depend on it a lot. Quality was probably the first priority when you chose this bike. Therefore, you also want quality when you go to buy Nihola accessories. At Clarijs, you are assured of this. For all of our bicycle accessories, you can count on the same quality that you know from our panniers. If you are looking for accessories for a Nihola cargo bike, we offer two different products: a tarpaulin and a rain tent. We also offer a separate frame for mounting a tent.

Cargo bike covers for Nihola

With our cargo bike covers for Nihola we have gained quite some notoriety. A cargo bike tent makes your bike suitable for all conditions. For children it is very comfortable to be transported in a cargo bike. Only when it rains it is less pleasant. With our cargo bike tent they are dry and comfortable. Of course this cargo bike tent for Nihola bicycles also comes in handy when you transport goods in the cargo bike. Everything in the trunk stays dry thanks to this perfectly fitting, sturdy and high quality tent that also looks good.In addition to cargo bike tents for Nihola we also sell tarpaulins and rain covers. With a tarpaulin you can quickly and easily close the box of your cargo bike when you are not using it. Or of course when you are transporting things in it and you do not need a rain tent. With a cargo bike tent you have the advantage that you can stack things higher in the box. A tarpaulin, however, is quick and handy. Finally, with a rain tarp you can keep your entire bike dry when it rains. All of Nihola's bin tents and other products are custom made for the right type of bike and therefore have a perfect fit.

Contact Clarijs for more information

Do you have any questions about our products? Please contact Clarijs for more information. We will be happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need. As a specialist, Clarijs is also accustomed to providing customized solutions. Do you have any special requests? Then please contact us. We will always see what we can do for you.