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Rain tents for the Cangoo cargo bike of very high quality. The rain tent is provided with wide, very strong 10 mm rites that allow you to open the tent on both sides. We offer two years warranty on these products.


1. Water resistant: The raincover is fully water resistant, keeping you dry even in the strongest rainstorms.
2. High Colour Fastness: Thanks to its high colour fastness, the raincover stays looking like new even after prolonged use and sun exposure.
3. No Frame Needed: This rain cover is easy to use without an additional frame, saving you time and effort.
4. 100% Waterproof: Made of Bisonyl PVC fabric, this raincover offers a 100% waterproof barrier.

High Quality Material

The raincover is made of Bisonyl PVC fabric, which provides water-repellent properties and durability. This material is ideal for everyday use and provides excellent protection against rain and moisture, even during heavy downpours.

Water repellent: The PVC fabric repels water, keeping your cargo or objects under the tent dry and protected, even in bad weather conditions.

Strong and load-bearing: The PVC fabric is robust and can handle large loads. This makes it perfect for transporting heavy objects or creating sturdy structures.

Buy your Cangoo raincover now

Buy your Cangoo raincover in the Clarijs webshop now and enjoy unrivalled protection from rain and wind during your bike rides. Do you have any questions about this raincover? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help you!