Despite the switch from saddlery to (bike) bag manufacturer, Clarijs remains a artisanal business. Not only are the panniers and cargo bike covers made by hand, but you can still come to our sailmaker shop for custom work. Repairs, covers, tarpaulins and much more!

Artisan family business

Sailmaker Clarijs is a traditional family business. The business was founded in 1948 by the brothers Clarijs and started as a saddlery (since 1925).

When the demand for leather products declined, Clarijs focused more on the processing of sailcloth and related products. The company has passed on to the sons and grandchildren and has grown more in production work in recent years.

You can contact us for:

  • Tent repairs
  • Customized parasol covers
  • Custom garden furniture covers
  • Tarps against sun and rain
  • Tarpaulins for trailers
  • Balcony screens
  • And much more!