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Green panniers

Green panniers

If you are looking for green panniers, you have come to the right place. As a pannier specialist, we know better than anyone which conditions a pannier has to meet. You can count on us for high quality. Clarijs started out as a sail-making company, which means that we have been working with these materials for decades. Most of our panniers are made of PVC canvas, which guarantees quality. This material is very strong, waterproof and colorfast. When you choose green panniers, you can be sure that these panniers will still be as colorful in a number of years to come.

If you want to buy green panniers, you can do so today online. At Clarijs you can choose from a particularly wide range. Green is a beautiful natural color that can be combined with almost anything. When you choose green panniers, you can think of single or double panniers, but of course we also have special designs on offer. Perhaps you'd like to choose an XXL pannier bag or go for an authentic mailbag. Furthermore, there are panniers with prints or panniers without prints available. Whatever your preference, you're sure to find what you're looking for at Clarijs. Because our panniers are manufactured with great care, you can count on a quality pannier that will last for years. Matching bags are also available with our panniers. This way you can leave the pannier on the bicycle and take out the shopper when you go into a store to do some shopping. The groceries can go straight into the bag and once you get to your bike, you can simply slide the shopper into the pannier. After all, the shopper is specially designed for this purpose. 142>Great selection at Clarijs

The selection at Clarijs is certainly not limited to green panniers. We also offer a wide range of other colors. Do you prefer black or blue? Or do you prefer striking red? Whatever your preference, you will certainly find the panniers of your choice in our assortment. Moreover, you can immediately complete your order with useful extras, such as a U-bracket or anti-theft ring for extra security. Of course, it is also important to think about your visibility on the road. In our bicycle accessories category you will therefore also find handy products such as reflective stripes. It gives a safe feeling on the road and ensures that you are much more visible as a cyclist at dusk or on dark days.

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Have you seen green panniers that perfectly match your bike? When you have made your choice, you can make it final by adding your favorite to your shopping cart. When ordering you can immediately choose the size you have in mind. The rest of the ordering process is self-explanatory. Do you have any questions about the possibilities or do you need our help in making your choice? Then you can always contact us without obligation. We will be happy to help you.