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Black single panniers

Black single panniers

Black single panniers are actually always a good choice. They are stylish, timeless and match any bicycle. Not surprisingly, black panniers have long been one of our success stories. Since 1948 we are known as a real bicycle bag specialist. It is therefore logical that you will find many different bicycle bags in our range. We sell all shapes and sizes, in various colors, prints and styles. Over the years that selection will certainly continue to change, but you can always count on black single panniers.

Do you often go shopping on your bike? Then you know how easy it is to be able to carry stuff on your bike. A black single pannier can then already be a great solution. Single panniers only sit on one side of the bike, which is very practical. You can easily take this pannier off and take it into the store, for example. Still, there is plenty of space to carry all kinds of stuff. Useful when you go shopping, but also when you go to the library or to a birthday. The present for the birthday boy or girl fits perfectly in the pannier and cannot get damaged on the way. A black single bicycle bag can also come in very handy for your work.

Buy a single pannier black

You want to buy a single pannier in black, but no doubt that is not your only requirement. A bicycle bag should look nice but it should also be practical. A tool that you may well rely on on a daily basis. So you want to be assured of quality, strength and durability. You can rely on that at Clarijs.

Our single black panniers are available in different sizes and shapes. The liter capacity of our single panniers can vary from 18 liters to as much as 24 liters. So you are guaranteed a lot of storage space. Because the bags are so generous and fit a lot, it is also important that they are very sturdy. Thanks to a reinforced back and bottom and lining of very strong Bisonyl PCV canvas, you never have to worry if your bag can take your luggage.
Is a black single pannier not big enough, but you still want to be able to easily take the pannier off your bike? Then we recommend choosing two single panniers in black. Actually, no cyclist can do without a handy bicycle bag. A single black bicycle bag is ideal if you like to make long trips by bike. This way you will always have a bottle of water, your wallet or sunglasses at hand and you can even take a book or iPad with you for the road.

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Have you seen the black single pannier you were looking for, or have you put together the design entirely to your liking? Then you can order your single black bicycle bag today. When your order is final, we will immediately start working for you. Then you will receive the bicycle bag at your home within a few days.