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Small panniers

You want to be able to take enough stuff with you on your bike. But at the same time you don’t want to weigh your bike down too much and not mount a big bag. Then small panniers are perfect for you. Small panniers may sound a bit negative. However, in practice it will quickly become apparent how useful they are. Because even a small pannier offers quite a few liters of luggage space. You can easily transport items that are too big and/or too heavy to carry by hand on your bike. Moreover, you want to have your hands free while cycling, to be safe.

Buying small panniers

Would you like to buy small panniers? Then you have come to the right place. We have been the pannier bag specialist in the Netherlands for generations. We are proud of that. We are there for everyone who is looking for high quality panniers. Small bags are extremely useful. As we wrote earlier, you can put surprisingly much in it. Much more than meets the eye. A few books, groceries or all the necessities for a good bike ride or a picnic: it's no problem.Sometimes you also need small panniers. On a child's bike, for example. Large panniers are easily too big for a child's bike. But you might want to buy a bike bag for your child. Rightly so, because a bicycle bag is also very handy for children. A small one fits better on a child's bike and keeps the bike from becoming unnecessarily heavy.

Wide range of panniers

At Clarijs, you can always choose from a wide range. Even when it comes to small bags. Many of our panniers are available in multiple sizes. These bags are also characterized by the quality, sturdiness, and functionality that we are known for. And you can be sure that despite the compact size, you can transport a lot of luggage comfortably. Our small panniers (and panniers for children) also have a capacity of over 20 liters. Perhaps you are not looking for a lot of space, but you find it especially important that you can transport (valuable) items out of sight. Our bags are of course equipped with a flap and closure, so this is possible.

Contact us

In our webshop you will find the complete overview of small panniers. You will also find fun panniers for children with various designs. All our bags are made to order and by hand. So you are assured of quality and durability. Our small panniers are of course also suitable for intensive daily use. In the shop you will immediately find possibilities to customize the bag to your needs. Do you have any questions or requests? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you create your ideal bag.