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Single bike bags

Do you often go shopping by bike? Then you know how easy it is to transport things on your bike. A single bicycle bag can then already be an excellent solution. Single panniers are attached to one side of the bike, which is very practical. You can easily remove this pannier and take it to the store, for example. Yet there is plenty of space to transport all kinds of things. Handy if you go shopping, but also if you go to the library or to a birthday. The gift for the birthday girl fits perfectly in the bicycle bag and cannot be damaged on the way. A single bicycle bag can also be very useful for going to work.


Buy panniers without print

Do you want to buy panniers without print? Then of course you do this at Clarijs. We don't just offer you just panniers, but bags of the highest quality that you will enjoy for many years. The bags are made of high-quality materials and are excellently constructed. You must be able to use your bag as intended. We guarantee this by making small details of top quality. Because you can use the bag daily, we produce them to withstand for a long time and beating all weather conditions. The bags are also waterproof! Our singlele panniers without print are not only resistant to rain, there is more. We have made special rain flaps, so that the luggage of the bag are well protected. This is one of those top quality details that come with a good pannier. The panniers are very sturdy and ready for heavy luggage, because they have a reinforced back and bottom. Not only are these bags strong, because of our PVC material they also remain beautiful for a long time. So many years of fun!

Waterproof single panniers

The single panniers without print from Clarijs are very suitable for wet weather. These single panniers are made of PVC and therefore very waterproof. By continuing to check the quality of the bags, your bag is always in the condition in which you expect it; top quality. The luggage of the bag is also protected by the rain flaps that we use in the bag. This way you can defy the weather on your bike without any worries.

Double pannier 40 liters

You can of course buy a double pannier with 40 liters from Clarijs. Thanks to the wide range of bicycle bags with a capacity of 40 liters, you always have a bag that suits you. Because of the large space that the bags have, you can easily take large bags of groceries with you. This, in combination with the sturdy material and the waterproofness of the bags, offers everything that is needed.