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You will find the best and strongest accessories online at Clarijs. Through years of experience and production from our own factory, Clarijs offers a wide range of accessories. We do this for all vehicles for which we sell bags or tents. We have various bike accessories, but we also offer cargo bike accessories. You will also find the best quality bike crates and cargo bike floor mats at Clarijs.

Clarijs Panniers - Shop CUBE Cargo Hybrid Cover without child seat.





Clarijs Panniers - Shop CUBE Cargo Hybrid Cover without child seat.


Bicycle accessories

In addition to a large stock of bike bags, Clarijs has also thought of various bicycle accessories. This makes transport on your bike even easier. With products such as carrier straps, a luggage carrier extender and saddle covers, our range is very accessible. Bicycle accessories are important, especially when they improve your visibility, for example. In addition to these advantages, the convenience of various accessories is undeniable. For example, think of a phone holder and water bottle during a long and beautiful bike ride. At Clarijs we offer it to you!

cargo bike accessories

Having a cargo bike is of course ideal if you have children. However, there is a lot involved. For example, setting up a cargo bike rain tent is something to pay close attention to. When this is done properly, you will enjoy it for a long time. We offer various frames and mounting materials for erecting and securing such rain tents. In addition, we have a special mounting kit. It is also good to handle the material properly when storing a cargo bike. For example, is your bike always standing in the rain? Clarijs has the solution for this. With a cargo bike rain cover, the cargo bike will never be in the rain again!

bicycle crates

When we talk about accessories, we talk about bicycle crates. Bicycle crates have been popular for years. The same goes for Clarijs. We love it. Due to a careful composition, this popular accessory is of high quality. The convenience of a bicycle crate is commonplace. Due to the large content you can store your bag in it, both protected and open. We have designed a special crate hat and crate coat to also protect the contents of your bicycle crate against rain.