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Double panniers reCYCLEd

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to transport your belongings while cycling, the Double panniers reCYCLEd are definitely worth considering. Thanks to Clarijs’ years of experience in the industry, we know better than anyone how to produce a durable bicycle bag that is attractive and sturdy. The panniers are not only practical and stylish, but also made from recycled materials.

Buying a sustainable bicycle bag

Buying a sustainable bicycle bag is easy at Clarijs. With three panniers made from these materials, we offer different designs. The bags are available with a capacity of 38 liters or 44 liters. If you are looking for a larger bag? Then take a look at our longtail bags. You can also upgrade the bags with an anti-theft ring or a u-bracket.

Recycled panniers

The double panniers reCYCLEd are made of high-quality materials that come from old truck tarpaulins. Reusing these materials not only produces less waste, but also saves on the production of new materials. This makes the double panniers reCYCLEd a sustainable choice for anyone who likes to contribute to a better environment. Thanks to the reinforced back and bottom, they also last a long time!

Bicycle bag recycled material: perfect for everyday use

The reCYCLEd panniers are not only environmentally friendly, but also practical to use. Thanks to the double bag construction, they offer enough space to safely transport all your belongings on the bike. Whether you go shopping or cycle to work, with these panniers you always have enough storage space at hand.

In addition to the practical benefits, reCYCLED panniers are also stylish. By using old truck tarpaulins, the bags have a unique look that certainly stands out. This way you can appear not only practical, but also stylish on the bike.