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Bike crates

Clarijs has had an extensive range of bike bags for years. In recent years we have seen more and more bike crates on the streets. So you can also come to us for quality bike crates. The crates in our range are carefully composed and are therefore of high quality. Moreover, you can also purchase a crate with a handy crate hat, so that the load is protected from the rain. Bicycle crates are easy to attach to the bicycle and can last a long time. They are ideal for use when shopping or if you regularly have to transport things by bike for your work. Think of a florist who has to deliver bunches of flowers to customers. Clarijs started out as a saddle-maker, but its range of products quickly expanded. Clarijs is now the name for bicycle bags and everything related to bags. You can even come to us for cargo bike rain tents. This shows that we have really developed since 1948. However, we still have the traditional knowledge of those days. With us, you can count on craftsmanship and quality.




Water repellent

Cycle crates

If you wish to buy cycle crates, you can do so easily online at Clarijs. The crates in our range have dimensions of 35 x 43 cm. These dimensions have been chosen with care. The crate offers just enough space for a lot of groceries and other items, while not being too big. It is the most popular size for bike crates at the moment. A crate is useful for transporting all kinds of things. You have plenty of room for groceries or things you need to take to work. A crate can easily be mounted on the front of the bicycle. The crates in our range are made of plastic. This is easy to keep clean and lightweight. This way, the driving of the bicycle stays nice and light. Of course, you can also choose one of the other options, such as a bicycle basket or panniers for the back of the bike.

Clever bicycle crates by Clarijs

Crates by Clarijs are of high quality and easy to mount on the bicycle. A crate is particularly intended for transport bikes. The front carrier provides the necessary support, so that a bicycle crate can be easily installed. If you do not have a transport bike, but would still like to have a crate on your bike, this is of course also possible. In that case, you should attach a front carrier to your bike, so that the crate can be mounted on it. The crate can often be attached with a few tie wraps. These are very strong and can also withstand wind and weather. Of course, it is an ideal means to transport your belongings, but it also makes your bike look tiptop. It is also nice that a crate is on the front of the bike, so you can always see the stuff that is in it. So losing something on the way is no longer an issue. A crate for on the bike is sturdy and durable. There is no need for quick-release straps. These cannot wear out and get caught in the spokes either. Handy! A crate is resistant to all kinds of weather. Whether it's raining or windy, with a crate you can always easily transport your luggage. Moreover, a crate with a crate cap is an excellent solution for rainy weather. When the crate hat is on top of the crate, all items are protected from the rain.

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