Double panniers Excellent

Clarijs has been a pannier specialist since 1948 and has therefore also thought about double panniers Excellent. These are specially made to withstand salt water. This makes it an ideal pannier for a bike ride along the beach. Our panniers are designed and produced with the highest quality materials and care. Our salt water resistant double bags are an excellent investment as they are built to last. So enjoy many years of cycling trips, where you don’t have to fear rain or salt water. Go for a simple black double pannier excellent or an elegant gray double pannier excellent.

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Buy saltwater resistant panniers

If you are looking for panniers that can withstand the challenges of salt water, Clarijs Bikebags is the right place for you. Our saltwater resistant panniers are made of materials that also have a chic look. This means that your panniers will still look great after a beach ride! In addition, we have different sizes available, so you will always find a bag that fits your bike perfectly. Therefore, check whether the L, with 38 liters, or the XL, with 44 liters, suits you.

Saltwater resistant double pannier

Our saltwater resistant double panniers are perfect for those who like to take a lot of stuff with them on a bike ride. You can use them for bike rides along the beach, in the dunes, or just to go to the supermarket. These panniers offer a lot of storage space and are extremely durable. Moreover, we give a two-year warranty on the bags! The bags are made of PVC coated acrylic fabric, which means they can withstand all weather conditions and even salt water. The bags are available in different sizes, colors and designs, so you will always find the perfect bag to suit your style.

All necessary facilities available!

Saltwater resistant double panniers are not only stylish and durable, but they also have all the necessary features you would expect from a high-quality pannier. For example, the bags are equipped with reflective details for extra visibility when cycling in the dark. In addition, they have rain flaps to keep your gear protected while cycling in the rain. Finally, our panniers are easy to attach to your bike with the adjustable hooks and fasteners.