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Yellow panniers

Yellow panniers are purchased at Clarijs. Not only do we offer a very wide range of yellow panniers, you are also assured of top quality and many opportunities for personalization. Check out our extensive selection.




Water repellent

Buying yellow panniers

Buy yellow panniers is a perfect idea for anyone looking for a striking, distinctive and cheerful pannier. A pannier may be primarily a functional product: who says you can't turn it into something beautiful? That is exactly what we have been doing for many years. We combine quality and functionality with appearance. You want to buy yellow panniers, but you also want more than that. You want good, strong, practical and durable panniers. That is why you buy your new panniers at Clarijs. Yellow panniers always guarantee an attractive and striking appearance. Of course, panniers come in many different colors. Those who buy yellow panniers believe that they should be seen. This is always the case at Clarijs: with us, you always buy a pannier you can be proud of. However, some people prefer subdued colors. That your pannier attracts attention can also have practical advantages. Maybe you just like riding around with an eye-catching pannier, but maybe it also serves a purpose. A bike bag is a perfect way to advertise a company. With a yellow bike bag you will attract attention: especially if you have it printed with a company logo, for example. That is possible with us. If yellow also features in your corporate identity, this is of course a perfect choice!

wide selection at Clarijs

Finding the ideal yellow pannier naturally begins with a wide selection. You can rely on us for that. We offer a wide range of high quality panniers. Piece by piece made of quality materials and handmade. In our range you can see examples of bags that we can make. All these models are made to order for you. You have a very wide choice and will almost always find the perfect model for you. As a pannier bag specialist, Clarijs also offers custom-made products. There are many possibilities. To make things easy for you, you can put together your own yellow panniers (or any other color or type of pannier) in our online configurator. There you can also directly upload a company logo or other type of image.

Contact us

Do you have questions or special requests? Please feel free to contact us. We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you and provide you with all the information you need to make the perfect choice. Because with us, yellow panniers are never just panniers, but bags that you can enjoy day in and day out for many years.