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Bakfiets.nl is one of the most popular manufacturers of cargo bikes. You can find them in every city. Even outside the cities, because this type of bike is ideal for traveling long distances, with or without luggage or children in the box. Because the cargo bike is so handy, you are probably looking for accessories that will make your bike even more user-friendly. Clarijs is the right address for you. We are much more than just a pannier bag specialist. We offer quality, beautiful and useful accessories for the bakfiets.nl cargo bike, check out our cargo bike cushions for example.

Buying Bakfiets.nl accessories

Would you like to buy bakfiets.nl accessories? Then take a look at the assortment of Clarijs. As a specialist in bicycle accessories, we are always looking for ways to expand the functionality and comfort of cycling. We do this with customized and handmade high quality accessories. When you want to buy Bakfiets.nl accessories, we offer you several choices.

Clarijs rain tents for Bakfiets.nl

Whoever is looking for rain tents for a Bakfiets.nl cargo bike, will be served at Clarijs. We offer tents for almost all models of Bakfiets.nl. Various types of tents with various sizes. Always custom made for your cargo bike. They have a perfect fit. Not only the fit is perfect. At Clarijs we have passion for our profession and our products. This means that we always want to deliver quality. Our cargo tents for Bakfiets.nl cargo bikes are beautifully designed and superbly finished. Moreover, they are made of the best materials. So you can always count on a quality tent that will last. Even when used frequently. Such a cargo bike tent is ideal for transporting children. Besides bakfiets tents for bakfiets.nl we also offer tarpaulins for these bikes. If you take the cargo bike tent off, or you don't have one, you can place a tarpaulin to protect the box from rain and dirt. This is not only useful when the bike is parked, but also when you are transporting things. Under the tarpaulin all items will stay dry. It also prevents the box from getting wet when you are not using the bike. So you can place your luggage or let children in without having to clean the box first.

Order your cargo bike tent today at Clarijs

All of our tents are manufactured by order. We will immediately start working on your order and make sure that you will receive your tent quickly. Do you have any questions first? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to give you all the information you need. You can also contact us for special wishes or requests. As a specialist in the field of customization, we can always see what we can do for you.