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Cargobike cushions

Once you’ve found your perfect bakfiets, it’s essential to have the right bakfiets cushions. Bakfiets cushions provide a sleek and finished look for your bakfiets. Moreover, they ensure your children have a comfortable ride. Explore our range of bakfiets cushions below.

Vogue Bakfiets Cushions

Especially for the Vogue Carry bakfiets, Clarijs has designed various cushions. These well-finished cushions are available in sets of 2. With these cushions, your children can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. Thanks to their high colorfastness and weather resistance, they last for a long time. Take a look at, for example, the Vogue Carry 2 cushion set.

Buying Bakfiets Cushions at Clarijs

You can easily purchase the highest quality bakfiets cushions online at Clarijs Bike Bags. With our years of experience in producing bakfiets raincovers and bike bags, we know how to deliver quality like no other. This is a requirement for all our products. Our bakfiets cushions last for years and are highly resistant to various weather conditions. Shop at Clarijs today!