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Shoulder bags

Sometimes it is necessary to carry luggage on a bicycle. A shoulder bag is a good solution for that. Because you carry a shoulder bag yourself, you can easily take it with you both on the bike and on foot. There are shoulder bags in all sizes and colors, so that you can also find a suitable shoulder bag. Go for a shoulder bag that is unique and offers quality. Choose a Clarijs shoulder bag. Clarijs has been around since 1948. The company initially started as a saddlery, but the range was soon expanded. Today we are the specialist when it comes to bike bags and other accessories for the bicycle. Our handmade shoulder bags are unique. So take a quick look at our offer.

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In our online offer you will find many different types of shoulder bags. There are shoulder bags with nice images, such as horses, but also with stylish patterns. Whether you are looking for a nice shoulder bag for a bicycle for a child or an adult, you will always find it at Clarijs. And these shoulder bags can of course also be used at other times, when you don't take the bike. The shoulder bags from our range can simply be ordered online. So you don't even have to leave the house anymore, but you can simply choose your favorite shoulder bag on our website. Because all specifications are clearly stated, you know exactly where you stand. This way you know which materials have been used and what the dimensions of the bag are. Do you want a very personal shoulder bag? Then you can also design the bag yourself. For example, you can choose your favorite color or upload your own photo for the design. When you put together your shoulder bag yourself, you can be sure that the design is truly unique. Soon you will be cycling with a shoulder bag that no one else has yet. At Clarijs you can count on high-quality handmade products. The materials are all selected with care, so that our bags last a long time.

Handy shoulder bags from Clarijs

When you look around in our webshop, you will soon see how many different bags for the bicycle we offer. The shoulder bags are part of that. Of course you can choose to take the shoulder bag with you in a bicycle bag or bicycle crate, but it is even more convenient to opt for a detachable belly strap. This way you can continue to wear the bag while cycling. A shoulder bag for the bike is ideal if you regularly exercise. But also young people who go to school every day will certainly benefit from a high-quality shoulder bag. Furthermore, a shoulder bag can of course also be used for groceries or other things. The bottom of the shoulder bags is usually reinforced and thanks to the filling behind the lining, the shoulder bag also offers excellent protection for laptops and tablets. That makes Clarijs shoulder bags ideal to take to work. Each shoulder bag has clear information, so that you can see exactly whether it contains protection, such as padding behind the lining. For example, the shoulder bags in our range are made from recycled truck cloth. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. We are also aware of this at Clarijs. That is why we prefer to choose responsible materials. Truck fabric is thus given a second life. We also choose responsible materials for the decoration of the panniers and shoulder bags. Inner tubes of a bicycle, for example, are nice for decoration, but also ideal to use as a handle. At Clarijs we go for shoulder bags with a story. Each shoulder bag in our range is therefore unique.

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Have you seen a shoulder bag that suits you? Then you can add it to your shopping cart. The ordering process is then self-explanatory. We do our best to process the order as quickly as possible, so that you receive the ordered items within a few days. In addition to shoulder bags, you will find all kinds of other useful items for the bicycle in our range. You can think of bicycle bags, but also bicycle accessories, such as reflective tapes. This improves your visibility on the road. Please take a look at our offer to complete your order. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about one of our other products? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help you!