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Front Rack bags

Elevate Your Cycling Experience with Handcrafted Front Rack Bags by Clarijs. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and craftsmanship with our Front Rack Bags. Meticulously handcrafted in the Netherlands by the renowned fietstassen specialists, Clarijs, these high-quality bags are designed specifically for the front carriers of bicycles.

Key Features:

1. Handmade Excellence: Each bag is a testament to Dutch craftsmanship, meticulously crafted by hand to ensure unrivaled quality and attention to detail.

2. Waterproof Durability: Ride confidently in any weather. Our Front Carrier bags are crafted from waterproof materials, keeping your belongings safe and dry during unexpected downpours.

3. Tailored for Front Carriers: Engineered with a focus on convenience, these bags are specially designed to fit seamlessly on the front carriers of bicycles. The perfect companion for your cycling adventures.

Why Choose Clarijs?

Clarijs, with a legacy dating back to 1948, has mastered the art of fietstassen. Our commitment to delivering exceptional, handmade products ensures that each Front Carrier bags is a unique piece of art, combining style and functionality.

Transform your biking experience with Clarijs Front Rack bags. Browse our collection now and enjoy the convenience and durability that comes with these handcrafted masterpieces.