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Panniers for kids

Panniers for kids

Discover our high-quality panniers for kids that are the perfect companion for you and your child during adventurous bike rides. At Clarijs bike bags, we understand the importance of comfort and ease of use without compromising on style and functionality. Our panniers for kids are specially designed to effortlessly carry all the necessities for your family. Read on to learn more about options like the rugged pannier Monster Truck or the colorful panniers Bike Bag Bricks.

Buying Double Child Bike Bags from Clarijs

Are you in search of a quality bike bag for your child? You've come to the right place at Clarijs bike bags. We offer an extensive selection of double child bike bags in various colors and themes. From a rugged Double Child Bike Bag Dino for boys to a beautiful Double Bike Bag Butterfly for girls, we have the perfect bike bag for every child. Feel free to browse our range and discover the many advantages that our bike bags have to offer.

Features of Our Double Child Bike Bags

Clarijs double child bike bags come with a multitude of advantages. Your child won't have to worry about fitting all of their books for school, and there's still plenty of room for items like clothing or toys.

Furthermore, we prioritize your child's safety. That's why all Clarijs double child bike bags come equipped with reflective elements, ensuring excellent visibility at all times. Attaching Clarijs double child bike bags to your bike is a breeze, allowing you to get ready for your journey in no time.

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