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Panniers are first and foremost functional, of course, but they can also have another function. For example, panniers can be a perfect way of marketing. Bicycle bags with company logo provide a lot of extra visibility. Why not take advantage of this? For companies with employees that use company bicycles, or for independent entrepreneurs who often use their bicycle, this is a perfect way to stand out. Moreover, it is an accessible and affordable way of marketing. Of course, you also benefit from the function, because thanks to the panniers you can take a lot more things with you.

For 10 bags or more you can request a quote below, for less than 10 bags go here to design you own.

Have panniers printed with company logo

Having bike bags printed with your company logo is the perfect way to provide extra visibility and extra appearance anytime and anywhere. Even when the bike is parked, you are advertising. Passersby will definitely see your logo. On an average day, hundreds of people quickly see your logo. You should consider how many people this could be when you are riding around or when you have several bicycles in use. In addition, you of course have the option to add text to the bike bag beside a logo. This way you can effectively show people your address, give a telephone number or send them to your website.

Fietstas met logo

Screen printing

From 5 pieces

Digital printing

From 1 piece

Please supply the logo and/or text ready-to-use. We charge €55 per hour for DTP work.

Mail us if you would like to receive a no-obligation quote! (Only above 5 pieces).

Advertising banners full-colour, €35 per square metre plus €1 per ring. Would you like a quote for a tube frame? Then email us the dimensions. All our prints are provided with a Solid Skin coating that ensures the colour stays as printed for at least five years.

Have panniers printed with company logo

You can have bike bags printed with your company logo at bike bag specialist Clarijs. We are happy to serve you. Whether it concerns a single bicycle bag or dozens of copies: it is all possible. It starts with choosing the right pannier. Of course you want to show your logo in the original color or colours. That is why it is good to choose a color pannier that contrasts nicely with this and on which your logo is clearly visible.

Having panniers printed with a company logo is not something for which you need to have knowledge of design. When you provide us with your logo, we take care of the rest. You will receive your own panniers with company logo. We provide durable printing that will remain beautiful for many years to come. Our panniers are handmade and of high quality: we provide printing that meets these expectations.

Order in our webshop

You can order panniers with company logo in our webshop. This works very simply. You order the desired bag in the right color and you supply your logo. You can choose from several types of panniers and you can adjust various surfaces entirely to your own taste in terms of color. Everything works via a simple configurator. When you have placed your order, we will contact you to discuss the details and then we will start making your own bike bag or bike bags with your company logo. Would you like to order larger quantities of panniers with company logo? Please contact us. For larger quantities, we can use customized prices.