Brown panniers

Brown panniers are true classics. Panniers have obviously been around for many years. Although they are now available in many different colors (including at Clarijs, of course), brown is one of the classic colors. A brown pannier looks great on almost any bicycle. Especially when it’s a classic and modest model. So are you looking for brown panniers of perfect quality? Then choose the quality and experience of Clarijs. Have a look at our beautiful assortment or design your own brown panniers.

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Buying brown panniers

What else is important when choosing your brown panniers? When you want to buy brown panniers, you probably have more requirements. Besides the color, there are many other factors that determine whether a bag fits you well and whether it meets your expectations. For example, the fit should be suitable for your bicycle and the pannier should be easy to use. Think of flaps and compartments that are easy to open and close. They should also offer good protection and the bag should be sturdy and long-lasting. And of course it should be big enough to carry what you want to carry. In short: buying brown panniers requires more thought than just the color. Maybe you have already thought about this and know exactly what you are looking for in your new brown pannier. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at Clarijs. That's because we make almost every kind of pannier. We don't just make them: we do it by hand. Thanks to many years of experience you can always expect craftsmanship from us. Our brown panniers are beautiful to look at, very nice to use and remain beautiful for a long time. In all weathers conditions, and even when used intensively.

Broad assortment at Clarijs

As befits a true specialist, you can count on us for a broad assortment. We have brown panniers in literally all shapes and sizes. There is always a bag that is perfect for you. Which one it is, depends on your bike, use and wishes. We offer different types of brown panniers, which are each mounted in their own way. Of course you can choose the classic pannier model that you mount on the back of the bike (carrier). However, we also have shoppers and various variations on the classic model, so check out the various options in our webshop. All brown panniers have descriptions, specifications and photos. The selection you see, shows only a selection of the possibilities. Perhaps you will find the brown panniers you are looking for right away. If not, you can always use our configurator. Here you can choose the desired model and size, but also personalize the bag, for example with a logo.

Feel free to contact us

Do you have a question about one of our brown panniers? Please contact us to ask your question or get more information. Even if you have special requests, we are happy to assist you. A lot is possible in the area of personalization.