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Storage bags

Storage bags

Today, everyone has a lot of stuff. Whether it is in the house or for the garden, there are always things that you do not use throughout the year. Then it is wise to store them properly. This way you can protect the items from external influences, such as the weather, dirt and moisture, but also from pests. Storage bags are a great idea. For example, storage bags are great for the cushions that are used on the garden furniture in the spring and summer months. But they can also be used for other things, such as children’s toys or bicycle accessories. However, you should choose durable storage bags that really protect your belongings.




Water repellent

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At Clarijs you will find storage bags in all shapes and sizes. You can easily order the storage bags that are suitable for the things you want to store online with us. Simply add the storage bag of your choice to your shopping cart, continue the ordering process and once your order is finalized, we will get to work for you. You can find storage bags in various sizes. Therefore they are suitable for various purposes. The elongated storage bags in our range, for example, are specially designed for storing garden cushions.

Zippered storage bags from Clarijs

With a storage bag, it is obviously nice if you can close it. This way your belongings are well protected against outside influences. Dust and dirt can simply be kept out. At Clarijs you will find various storage bags with zippers. These are easy to close and very practical to use. This way, your garden cushions are well stored during the winter, but you can also store clothes for a season, for example, so that everything remains beautiful for the next year. Storage bags are versatile and can be used for all kinds of things. Choose Clarijs' quality zippered storage bags to get the most out of your storage bag. This way, you will not only enjoy the storage bag itself for a longer period of time, but also your belongings. The better things are stored, the longer they last. Be careful with your belongings and choose a storage bag with zipper from Clarijs!

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The storage bags in our webshop are easy to order online. You follow the ordering process and we will take care of the rest. Of course you can also count on the fact that we stand for durability. This not only means that the storage bags and other items in our range will last a long time, but it also means that we choose durable materials. We only use materials from within Europe and choose recycled materials where possible, such as used truck canvas. So twice as sustainable! Many of the products in our range are also made by hand in the Netherlands. Our professional team ensures that everything looks perfect and that each product is unique. So you have a storage bag/a> that no one else has. This of course also applies to our bike bags. Look around at your leisure in our range and choose the products that suit you.