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Sturdy panniers

Sturdy panniers: that’s what you are looking for, of course. Where can you find them? At Clarijs, of course. We have been the bike bag specialist in the Netherlands for many years. Quality is our highest priority. And without quality no sturdy panniers. So take a look at our attractive range and find your ideal bag. You are guaranteed many years of pleasure from this. Even with daily and/or intensive use. Robustness proves itself time and time again.




Water repellent

Buy sturdy panniers

As far as we are concerned, buying sturdy panniers is a must. You buy panniers because you need extra space. You want to transport things easily, safely and comfortably. Robustness is not a luxury, but a prerequisite. But what makes our panniers so sturdy? Panniers can be made of many different materials. Most bags are made of plastic. But plastic can be many things. Many bags you find in various stores are made of a reasonable quality plastic. This seems sufficient, but those who are really looking for sturdy panniers would be wise to invest in heavier quality. For example, Clarijs' plastic panniers are made of special PVC cloth. This is the same kind of cloth used to cover trailers of trucks. But really sturdy panniers have to offer more than just sturdy material. We also supply panniers made of other materials and even for those models you may expect the best in terms of strength. Our panniers are handmade. Not only does this mean that we use the best materials, we also pay great attention to detail and reinforcement. Good sturdy panniers have no weak spots. Weaknesses often occur at seams and attachments. Our experts ensure that the bags are extra strong in those very areas. You can transport a large load without worrying. Not only that: the bags are also durable. You can be sure that they will not wear out quickly and will remain beautiful and sturdy for a very long time. Even with daily and/or intensive use. Not for nothing are our sturdy panniers used not only by individuals, but also by professionals such as bicycle couriers and postal workers.

Broad assortment

We find it not only important to provide you with sturdy panniers, we also want everyone to be able to find his/her ideal bag in terms of appearance. Therefore we offer a wide range of bags. Please take your time to view our bags. We offer all kinds of bags, small, medium and large. From robust basic panniers to beautiful bags with a special design or theme.

Contact us

Did you know that you can customize many of our bags to suit your needs and taste? You can find these possibilities in the configurator. However, if you have a special request, please contact us. The same applies, of course, if you have any questions. We are here to help you find your ideal bag.