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In addition to our well-known bike bags, Clarijs also produces regular bags. Bags are objects of great value. Due to the many possibilities that a bag offers, it is much more than just a bag. For example, it can complete your outfit, it is a storage for important items and it is your go to for travel and vacations. By continuously focusing on the consumer’s needs, Clarijs always knows how to respond to the important bag trends. This makes Clarijs is producing bags of high quality, because our products are made for perfect use.

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The best bags can be found at Clarijs

Due to the large amount of bags that Clarijs produces, there is always a perfect bag for you. With the high quality that Clarijs offers, these bags will last for years. In addition, many of our bags are equipped with a strong magnetic FIDLOCK closure. Clarijs produces many types of bags. With different sizes, types of bags, sustainable materials and more, the choice is very wide. In our webshop you will find backpack bags, leather bags, shoulder bags and storage bags.

Backpack bags

Backpack bags are of great value when traveling. With several inner compartments, including a compartment for your laptop, this is the ideal bag for travelling. These bags are made from production waste from our cargo bike tents. This makes them sustainable. With a strong magnetic closure and water-repellent material, it is a bag that can be used in all circumstances. With different colors in our collection you always choose a bag that suits you. For instance, we have ablack backpack, but also a blue backpack.

Leather bags

The range of Clarijs leather bags is of extremely high quality. By using the best leather, it is a very durable product. In addition, the bags last a very long time. This is great, as leather bags only get more beautiful over time. We have made our leather bags very sturdy with a reinforced bottom. In addition, our leather bags also have dividers. This makes organizing laptops and tablets easy.

Shoulder bags

You will also find shoulder bags at Clarijs. A shoulder bag is a very nice bag for a laptop, for example. We are aware of this at Clarijs. That is why we have a wide range of shoulder bags. From blue, to dots or other prints. At Clarijs there is always an ideal shoulder bag for you. Shoulder bags are available from us for both adults and children. They are equipped with a detachable waist belt. This makes cycling with our shoulder bags simply possible.

Storage bags with zips

Storage bags are indispensable when you travel or want to store a lot of stuff. With zippered storage bags in various sizes, Clarijs offers a bag for every need. A storage bag is very useful for protecting garden cushions, for example. For example, we have designed a special bag for garden cushions. We have storage bags not only for garden cushions, but also for other materials. Finally, it is easy to have both a small storage bag and a large storage bag.

Buy a sustainable bag

Are you looking for a sustainable bag? That is no problem at all with Clarijs. Almost all our bags are made from recycled material. This is material that is left over from the production of our cargo bike rain tents. This way we prevent large amounts of waste.