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Double panniers with print

Double Panniers with print are convenient and functional. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful, cheerful or fun. Clarijs has been your pannier specialist since 1948 and has panniers for everyone. Also for people who are looking for panniers with prints. Subtle or striking: there is something for everyone. Of course, you can also count on the top quality of Clarijs for these panniers. In addition, we can supply you with unique panniers that you will not find anywhere else. Our bags are an excellent investment: they guarantee years of use and enjoyment. Whether you are transporting groceries, supplies, or going on a joy ride, your bike rides will be even more enjoyable.




Water repellent

Buying printed panniers

Whether you want to buy printed panniers, you can of course do so at Clarijs. We offer you not just any panniers, but bags of the highest quality that you will enjoy for many years. The bags are made of high quality materials and are thoughtfully constructed. This is necessary if you really want to make the most of the possibilities. The difference lies in the details. The chances are high that you will use the bags on a daily basis. So they need to be robust and able to take a beating. Moreover, it is certainly not always nice weather in our country. Our printed panniers are not only rainproof, they also have special rain flaps to protect the contents of the bag. This is just one of the many well thought-out features of the bags. The bottom and back are reinforced. So you can fill up the bags without worrying about whether the bag can take it. All the more so because our bags have a middle strap to pull the bag up as soon as it is full or heavily loaded.Thanks to covering with Bisonyl PVC fabric, the bags are not only strong, but they also stay beautiful for a long time. This material is also used to cover trucks, for example. You have the guarantee that the lining can withstand weather and wind and remains colourfast. The printed panniers will therefore remain beautiful for a very long time.

Great assortment

Naturally we offer you a great assortment. The bike bags with print are available in different sizes, to suit your bike, preferences and needs. Two special collections are worth mentioning: urban (with panniers with prints of Amsterdam, the British flag or a bike sign) and Custom Artwork with, among others, fantastic prints of Gaudi and Maria La Verda. Of course you will also find panniers with general prints.

Contact us

Do you have any questions about our panniers? Please feel free to contact us. We are at your service and will gladly give you the information you need. All our printed panniers come with clear descriptions, specifications and photos. You can order them easily in the webshop. You can also directly choose accessories or finishing options. For example, to make the bag suitable for use with carrier straps.