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A cargo bike from Fietsfabriek is wonderful to use. Qualitative, comfortable, spacious and strong. Core values that fit perfectly with Clarijs. That’s why we also offer products for the bakfiets of Fietsfabriek. Because no matter how nice the cargo bikes may be, in our country they regularly have to deal with an annoying aspect that nothing or no one can escape: rain. Sometimes a lot, sometimes hard and sometimes at unexpected moments. Rain and a cargo bike do not go well together. Because nobody wants to get water in the bin. You may be transporting children. You want to keep them absolutely dry. But also the things you are transporting in the cargo box need to be well protected from the rain. Even when the trunk is empty, it is nice to have a rain cover that keeps the trunk and the seats dry. That is why Clarijs offers you a rain canopy for Fietsfabriek cargo bikes.

Buying a canopy for Fietsfabriek

Buy a rain canopy for Fietsfabriek cargo bikes from Clarijs. Customization is our specialty. Of course we are known for our panniers. We have been the specialist since 1948. But we also apply our expertise in other areas. Those who know Clarijs know that with us, quality always comes first. Our panniers are made to order by hand with the greatest care and the best materials. This also applies to our Fietsfabriek raincovers. Each rain cover for the Fietsfabriek bakfiets is handmade. This ensures a perfect fit and high quality and appearance to match your bicycle. our raincover for your Fietsfabriek forms a beautiful part of your cargo bike. You see, feel and experience that you are dealing with high quality customization.

Great range of rain covers

As you would expect from us, we offer a wide range. Basically, we provide three different types of rain shelters: the BF Classic, BF 18 and BF Smart. You can choose from dozens of colors and thus ensure that you have a rain hood that fits your bike.

Contact us

It is important that you choose the right rain hood for your model of Fietsfabriek. We can help you with this. Not sure? Then please contact/a> us first. Together we will discuss your needs and find out which version you should have. In some cases we can supply tube sets for optimal placement of your weather hood. Then put it together as you wish in the webshop and pay safely and securely. With a price starting at only € 199 this is a fantastic addition to your cargo bike. Our rain covers make the bike optimally suitable for comfortable use all year round. Be sure to check out the other accessories/a>
for your bike in our webshop, such as tents, rain covers and tarpaulins.