• 2 years warranty
  • Handmade in the Netherlands
  • Materials largely from EU
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We offer a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects in all Clarijs products.
The statutory Dutch warranty period applies to all other products.

There is no warranty on the window film of the cargo bike tents and all other production. Only if stated within 48 hours of purchase.


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The rain cover is custom made for the Bullitt Larry V Harry cargo bike with Madjax Box. and offers a perfect fit. Easy attachment clips allow you to effortlessly attach the rain cover to the cart, keeping it securely in place even in strong winds. Whether running errands, hauling goods or taking your kids to school, this rain cover ensures that your cargo will always stay dry no matter the weather conditions.


  • The rain hood is water resistant.
  • Rain canopy has high color fastness

The dimensions of
the Bullit rain hood

Length: 46 cm

Width: 26 cm

Height: 32 cm

100 % waterproof

The rain cover is made of Rivertex®, woven nylon with a special PVC coating. This material is flexible, strong and, of course, completely waterproof. The cover has high-quality water-resistant zippers, with a thickness of 10 mm.

High quality material

  • The high-quality materials of the rain hood ensure that it is resistant to daily use.
  • The Nylon fabric is waterproof and provides excellent protection against rain and moisture. This keeps your belongings dry even during bad weather conditions.
  • The Nylon fabric is strong and can withstand large loads. This makes it suitable for carrying heavy objects or creating sturdy structures.
  • Nylon has the ability to dry quickly even after exposure to moisture or rain.