Cargo bike rain tents

De strongest cargo bike tent! We dare to promise it and that is why we give a three year warranty.

We have been making cargo bike tents and covers for more than thirty years. We make tents and covers for brands such as Bakfiets.NL, Urban Arrow, Vogue, Muli, Carqon, Babboe, Johnny Loco, Christiania, ‘t Mannetje, Workcycles, Dolly, Butchers and Bicycles, Fietsfabriek en Nihola. Almost all tents and covers on our website are available in eighteen colours. Only at Clarijs do you get to choose from so many colours and three different materials.

All products in this category are supplied with mounting material. They are made with the greatest care and from the best materials.

Even the window foil is of superior quality so that it stays clear, does not wrinkle and does not tear due to dehydration or extremely low temperatures. The rain tents are equipped with 10 mm zips of the best quality.