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Cargo bike rain tents

De strongest cargo bike tent! We dare to promise it and that is why we give a three year warranty. We have been making cargo bike tents and covers for more than thirty years. We make tents and covers for brands such as Bakfiets.NL, Urban Arrow, Vogue, Muli, Carqon, Babboe, Johnny Loco, Christiania, ‘t Mannetje, Workcycles, Dolly, Butchers and Bicycles, Fietsfabriek en Nihola. Almost all tents and covers on our website are available in eighteen colours. Only at Clarijs do you get to choose from so many colours and three different materials. All products in this category are supplied with mounting material. They are made with the greatest care and from the best materials. Even the window foil is of superior quality so that it stays clear, does not wrinkle and does not tear due to dehydration or extremely low temperatures. The rain tents are equipped with 10 mm zips of the best quality.

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Cargo bike rain cover

A cargo bike is ideal for transporting things, but today the cargo bike is mainly used for the kids. But it's not every day that the weather is nice. How do you solve that? A rain cover for your cargo bike is a must. The rain cover keeps the kids dry and allows them to enjoy a bike ride to school or daycare. So you can also just take the kids to do some shopping on less beautiful days.

Buying a cargo bike rain cover

Do you want to buy a rain cover for your cargo bike? Then you will probably have seen that they come in different sizes. That is why we clearly show you which hood is suitable for which brand of cargo bike. You will find rain covers for a Babboe cargo bike, but also for an Urban Arrow. This way it is easy to make a choice and you can easily select the cargo bike you own. A rain cover is available in many different colors and can be made of various materials. This is because at Clarijs we make all of our products ourselves. These handmade products are unique, so you will find the perfect rain cover for your cargo bike. Your child probably has a favorite color. How much fun would it be to choose a rain cover in your child's favorite color? He or she will certainly enjoy crawling under it. Of course there are plenty of colors in our range that will make the whole family happy.

Cargo bike cover from Clarijs

Besides a rain cover for the cargo bike we also have a tarpaulin for the cargo bike. A rain cover is more like a tent for your cargo bike, while a tarpaulin is basically flat and is meant to cover the box from the rain. When you often transport children in your cargo bike, a rain cover is the best option. If you use your cargo bike to transport things, a tarpaulin will suffice. We also offer cargo bike tarpaulins in various colors. This way your cargo bike remains unique!

Contact us for more information

Do you want more information about our cargo bike rain covers? Do not hesitate and contact us without obligation. We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities in materials and colors, but we can also explain the difference between a cargo bike tent or rain cover and a tarpaulin. Furthermore, our customer service can help you choose the right raincover for your cargo bike and determine the dimensions. The raincovers in Clarijs' assortment are all unique and can be made to your exact specifications. Please contact us to inquire about the possibilities. Have you seen the rain cover for your cargo bike on our website? Then you can easily order it online. Follow the steps in the ordering process and confirm your order. From that moment you can leave everything to us. We are happy to help you!