Cortina panniers

Cortina bicycles can be found everywhere. That also applies to Cortina panniers from Clarijs. We have been a renowned specialist in panniers for decades. We supply panniers for many different brands. Of course also for a popular brand like Cortina. In the field of Cortina bike bags, we offer you a lot of choice. This is logical: the hand manufacturing of quality panniers is our specialty. So whatever kind of panniers you’re looking for for your Cortina bike, we’ve got it. If you can’t find it in our standard range, you can always have a bag custom-made. When you invest in Cortina panniers from Clarijs, you can be sure that you are getting quality. All our panniers are made of very strong and high quality materials. For example, the material used for making our panniers is also used for covering trailers of trucks. This means you can rely on strong and very durable panniers.

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Our Cortina panniers are weatherproof, suitable for intensive daily use and remain beautiful for a very long time. Cortina panniers for all models. Whether it's women's bikes, men's bikes or children's bikes, young or old: we have Cortina panniers for all models. Clarijs supplies you with various types of panniers. The popular carrier pannier, for example, but also extra-large post panniers, handlebar panniers or handy shoppers. Whichever pannier bag you go for, you'll always have more than enough choice in terms of size and design.

Design your own Cortina panniers

As a renowned specialist in the field of panniers, we offer you a very wide range. There's a good chance you'll immediately find the ideal pannier in our Cortina assortment. Whether you are looking for a handy compact model, a very large model, a neutral color or just a bag with a striking design: we have it all for you. But did you know that at Clarijs you can also put together your own Cortina panniers? Take a look at our online configurator. Here you can put together your ideal Cortina pannier. You even have the possibility to provide your own photo or logo. So you can ride around with a beautiful, personalized pannier. Advertising, for example, by placing your logo on the bag is also possible.

Order directly online

In our shop you will find our full range of Cortina panniers. You can order or create your own panniers directly online. Our panniers are made to order and by hand. Therefore it takes some time to process your order. However, we always ensure a quick delivery of your beautiful panniers. Have you already found the perfect Cortina pannier? Then order it directly in the web shop and we will set to work for you. Do you have a question first or would you like more information? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you find your ideal Cortina bicycle bag.