Tubular frame for cargobike, kr8 and fietsfabriek raintent


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The divisible tube frame for the Cargobike KR8 and Fietsfabriek rain tent is the ideal addition to your bakfiets accessories. This handy frame, designed by Clarijs Fietstassen, allows you to easily store and carry the tent in your cargo bike.

Please note! This frame is specifically designed for the Cargobike tent (cargobike short/cargo bike long), the KR8 from Workcycles and the Bicycle Factory tent original or original long (995/996). It is important to note that the frame is not compatible with the high version of the Cargobike.

Benefits of the tubular frame for cargobike, KR8 and bicycle factory rain tent:

  • the sturdiness of the frame
  • made of strong metal 
  • easy to attach 

High-quality material

  • Aluminium is a lightweight material, resulting in a tubular frame that is easy to handle and transport. This is especially important when using a tube frame in combination with a cargo bike, where weight saving is a factor.
  • Despite its lightweight, aluminium is also known for its strength and durability. An aluminium tube frame offers a solid structure that can withstand the loads and shocks that can occur while using a tent or other accessories.
  • Aluminium naturally has a high level of corrosion resistance, meaning that the frame is highly resistant to rust and oxidation. This is especially important when used outdoors, where the frame may be exposed to moisture and various weather conditions.
  • An aluminium tubular frame generally requires minimal maintenance. It can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water and does not need special protective coatings to maintain its durability.
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