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Koga panniers

We can imagine that you are very proud of and fond of your Koga bicycle. Koga is a brand that is known for very high quality. A brand with which we at Clarijs can identify. For us, quality comes first. We have proven this for many years now with our handmade panniers. Are you looking for beautiful Koga panniers? Then be sure to check out our range. In our webshop you will find all types of panniers we supply. You can order them directly online. However, it is also possible to put together your own panniers. With us you can buy special, high-quality Koga panniers which you will enjoy using every day.




Water repellent

Buying Koga panniers

A Koga pannier bag is not only a functional item, but also an attractive accessory for your bike. That's why for us quality and appearance go hand in hand. We make the panniers for Koga bicycles from the same material that is used for the upholstery of truck trailers. This is a very strong material which is suitable for intensive daily use. It is also very durable and weatherproof. We pay extra attention to a solid finish, for example at the seams. With a Koga pannier bag from Clarijs you can be sure of years of enjoyable use.

Several types of Koga panniers

Clarijs is known fot its very wide range of panniers and bags. We offer different types and have Koga panniers for all models. We find it important that you can buy a pannier bag that meets all your needs, but also is ideal for your bike. For all types of Koga bikes, you can find a perfect pannier bag in our assortment. All you have to do is find one that fits your needs and requirements perfectly. With various shapes and models and a wide range of sizes, that shouldn't be a problem. So whether you want a compact or a very spacious pannier, you've come to the right place for all kinds of Koga panniers. We also supply panniers for E-bikes.

Customise your own Koga panniers

With a Koga bike you ride something special. And of course that includes a special Koga pannier. We offer you the opportunity to put together your own unique pannier bag. You can choose from all our models. You can personalise these with unique colors or designs. It is also possible to provide your own image that will be printed on the pannier bag. This can be anything, including a logo of your company for business use. This is an excellent form of advertising. Everywhere you cycle your company logo will be seen. But of course you can also just choose a nice image. <Order online, made by hand

You can order our Koga panniers directly in the web shop. To create a unique pannier bag you can use the online configurator. Our Koga panniers are made to order and handmade. We will process your order as quickly as possible. Do you have a question about our Koga panniers or would you like more information? Then please contact us. We'll be happy to help.