Leather panniers

When you think of bicycle bags, you may immediately – or only – think of bags made of plastic. Indeed, these are the most common panniers. Not for nothing, because at Clarijs you will also find many bags made of this material. Plastic panniers, in our case usually PVC cloth, are strong and durable. Moreover, they are available in many designs and colours. But did you know that you can also contact us for leather bicycle bags?

Buy leather panniers

It is of course not surprising that you can also buy leather panniers from us. Clarijs has been the bicycle bag specialist in the Netherlands for a long time. We offer you a very wide and varied range of which leather panniers should of course not be missing.
Leather panniers undeniably have a charm and appearance that nothing else can match. Of course there will be people who prefer to go for a PVC canvas bicycle bag. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. All our bicycle bags are made by hand with the same passion and eye for quality and detail. However, we can well imagine that nothing beats leather panniers for you.
A bicycle bag is a functional tool. But for many people it is much more than just that. This applies to most Clarijs customers. You can buy bicycle bags in many different places, but you buy from us because you value quality and durability. We are therefore grateful for our customers and proud of the bicycle bags that we manufacture. We realize all too well that leather panniers are more than just a tool for you. These are beautiful accessories with a luxurious look.
Do you value the appearance of your bicycle? Then leather panniers are definitely for you. These bags are the ideal finishing touch, especially on a vintage bicycle or beautiful company bicycle. But actually they come into their own on every bicycle model and they take the look of every bicycle to an even higher level.

Wide range at Clarijs

Even when you are looking for leather panniers, you can rely on a wide range at Clarijs. What applies to all our panniers also applies to the leather ones: these are made by hand with great care. We manufacture our bags to order. This means that we do not deliver directly from stock, but that you will always receive a leather pannier made especially for you.

Contact us

Because we work to order, we can also provide customization in many respects. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and requirements. We are happy to think along with you to arrive at the ideal bicycle bag. That is important to us, because when you invest in a beautiful leather bicycle bag, you naturally want to be able to enjoy it for a long time. You are assured of this with our quality. We provide a sturdy, durable and beautiful leather bicycle bag that meets all your wishes and requirements. Also for business use, because there are various options to personalize your leather bicycle bag or to provide it with, for example, a logo.